Campfire Club Returns for 2017

Campfire Club Returns for 2017

A concert like no other… unamplified, outdoors and round a fire; surely this is the only way to really hear music.
Since the dawn of song, by the flickering embers and starry skies all walks of man and woman have gathered in song and celebration, to tell stories and while away an evening. This is how it was and at The Campfire Club, how it still is; unamplified & intimate!

Every Friday from late Spring right through to Autumn we indulge you in the specially sourced talents of musicians from the realms of folk, traditional and world music right through to contemporary song makers, nestled in several secret secluded leafy pockets of inner city London.

Become a Campfire Club Member & guarantee yourself a stump at all our Campfires for £60!
Keeping the campfire alive will be Nest Collective hosts and live music from some very special guests including:
+ Singing With Nightingales: Artists Announced +
Something else for you outdoor/nature lovers – Make sure to check out Sam Lee’s Singing With Nightingales series taking place in Cambridge, Essex, Kent & Sussex between April & May 2017!

Immerse yourself in the folklore and ways of our native birds, dine on a gourmet backwoods feast, wood-smoke & hearty stories of the land PLUS savour the music of world renowned guest artists from folk, classical, world music and jazz arenas!

‘…suddenly it begins: Singing With Nightingales the strangest and most wonderful concert’ – The Guardian

Featuring – Aidan O’Rourke, Nessi Gomes, Helen Chadwick, Alice Zawadzki, Abraham Brody, Oli Langford, Preetha Narayanan, Misha Mullov-Abbado, Matthew Sharpe, Laura Moody, Kerry Andrew, Juliet Fraser, Gwyneth Herbert, Georgia Ruth, Gabby Young, Clara Sanabras, Eugenia Georgieva, Clive Bell, BIRD RADIO and of course Sam Lee!

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