Fran Foote (Stick In The Wheel)

Best known for her harmony singing in Stick In The Wheel, Fran is a song collector and interpreter in her own right

Fran Foote (Stick In The Wheel)'s official bio

Fran’s parents met in a folk club, so perhaps it was inevitable that she would immerse herself in traditional music. As well as her harmony singing, hand percussion, accordion, and recorder (‘council flute’) duties with 4 time BBC Folk award nominees Stick In The Wheel, Fran busies herself in a range of other projects.

Perhaps following in the footsteps of the legendary Copper Family, or her folk hero John Kirkpatrick, Fran is also a song collector. From a life spent at folk clubs up and down the Thames Estuary, Fran has gathered a wide collection of traditional songs from around her home in Essex.

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