Nessi Gomes

Portuguese-British singer-songwriter blends the essence of traditional Portuguese Fado folk music with modern British inspiration.

Nessi Gomes's official bio

Born on the tiny island of Guernsey, Portuguese-British singer/songwriter Nessi Gomes channels influences from both sides of her ethnicity, blending the essence of traditional Portuguese Fado folk music with modern British inspiration. Fuelled by a belief in the transformative quality of music, her songwriting is infused with her personal journey and characterised by a haunting beauty that transcends, nourishes and disarms.

Nessi’s creative turning point took place four years ago upon settling in the forests of South and Central America. The psychedelic nature of the continent has reshaped her songs. Her heartbreaking voice started reflecting a nakedly honest, multi-faceted portrait of her world, where darkness & light dance together, challenges are transcended and mysteries revealed.

Now back in London, Nessi is completing her first album, ‘Long Way Home’, due to be released in 2016. It is produced by Duncan Bridgeman (creator of ‘1 Giant Leap’) and features the accompaniment of top musicians including Viktoria Mullova, Mathew Barley, Cosmo Sheldrake, Dave Randel, Nigel Butler and Rainer Scheurenbrand. The deep inner work in the forest carved the way for an album that communicates, blends and bridges different influences, from the vocal witches of the West such as Kate Bush and Bjork, all the way to the forest creatures and plants of South and Central America.

“Trying to describe Nessi Gomes is like trying to describe a new flavor that nobody has tried before… She completely captivates her audience until they are drinking in her words and eating out of the palm of her hand…”

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