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Crossing and blurring musical boundaries is an art form for Piers Faccini.

Piers Faccini's official bio

Treading the frontiers which delineate one country from another, Faccini finds his inspiration in the cultural ambiguity of borderlands. If his songs were maps, they’d stretch from the English moors to the Saharan dunes via the plains of the Mediterranean.
Over six acclaimed albums, Leave No Trace(2004), Tearing Sky (2006), Two Grains of Sand (2009), My Wilderness (2011), Between Dogs & Wolves (2013) and Songs Of Time Lost(2014) Faccini has toured his music worldwide, recording and collaborating with numerous musicians and singers including Ballake Sissoko, Vincent Segal, Ben Harper, Rokia Traore, Patrick Watson and Ibrahim Maalouf amongst others.

Piers Faccini’s album Songs of Time Lost was in NPR’s top ten world music albums of the year as well as Songlines top 10 albums of 2014.

In November 2016, we hosted the Album Launch for his most recent release, I Dreamed An Island.

I Dreamed An Island is the personal quest of a British songwriter living in southern France, a voyage towards an imagined haven through the storms of fear and intolerance brewing around the world. Sung mostly in English but in French, Italian dialects and Arabic, too, the album is an impassioned celebration of cultural diversity and pluralism.

Searching for a bygone golden era when coexistence and religious tolerance once prevailed, Faccini found a model for his utopian haven in 12th Century Sicily. At the crossroads of Western, Arabic and Byzantine influence, the island briefly flourished as the most enlightened and advanced society in medieval Europe.

I Dreamed An Island is a modern reimagining of that unique moment of creative cohabitation between peoples and faiths. Inspired by traditions centuries old – but firmly 21st Century in its blending of languages, narratives and instrumental arrangements – electric guitars converse across time with a Baroque viola d’amore, while an oud answers a medieval psaltery and a Moroccan guembri pulses trance-like to the drums.

The balance of tradition and innovation, intimate vocals and plaintive cello is perfect – a splash of wintry sunshine. The Guardian

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