Theo Bard

Theo Bard, East London singer songwriter. Sharp lyrics, a deft ear for melody and a knack for a killer hook.

Theo Bard's official bio

A leading figure in the East London music scene, Theo is a skilled lyricist and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, violin, bass), with intelligent lyrics and a deft ear for melody. Always delivered in a direct and frank narrative style that marks him out as an exceptional songwriter, his songs are borne of a lifetime steeped in music and song. He played violin from the age of four, spent his childhood singing round campfires at Forest School Camps, and honed his craft busking in London’s busy markets. His first solo EP, ‘You Give’, which he wrote and produced himself, was released in October 2015.

He is also the man behind the highly respected, and distinctly underground, Woodburner music nights in and around Hackney.

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