Artist Enquiries

We are really pleased you are interested in playing at The Nest Collective and we’d love to hear from you. This is the best way for you to get in touch with us and let us know what you sound like. Please first read all of the info below to make sure we get to see you in all the right ways. Also a lot of our shows are unamplified so please do tell us if you or your ensemble can play without amps… this opens a lot more options to where you could play. Lots of our submitted music gets played on our Tuesday Midday Resonance FM show, so a twitter handle is useful.

YOU MUST INCLUDE A PUBLIC SOUNDCLOUD LINK – we use soundcloud playlists to pick acts, so this is absolutely vital.

1.) Please fill in the Artist Contact Form below with all the relevant fields, (remember ‘less is more’) we get loads of messages every day so keep it shot and sweet so we get a good idea of what you and your music is like not in huge paragraphs

2.) Send us a copy of your CD and promotional material to The Nest Collective, 53 Colvestone Crescent, London, E8 2LG. N.B. Make sure your name and contact details are on the CD… so often in the piles of cds we receive we loose the relevant info and cds we like miss out for not having ways of contacting you.

We do our best to reply to all enquiries but the volume of interest means we cannot personally respond to every email. We do however listen to as much as we can and keep track of all our enquiries on our booking wish list. Who knows – you may already be on it!

Artist Enquiry Form

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  • Please include details about your self and your band and how you think your music fits in with what we do. Why you would like to play with The Nest Collective, previous & upcoming shows including touring dates if relevant etc

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