Campfire Club

Fireside unamplified, forest housed, city centered, rebellious, ancient concerts lit by love.

Every Friday from May to September


A concert like no other… unamplified, outdoors and round a fire; surely this is the only way to really hear music.




East London

From the Factory – Returning to our favourite hidden spot that hosted many campfires in 2016, a magical village of sheds, tucked away in Bow

E5 Bakehouse – The bakery’s spruced up urban backyard has been transformed into an evolving kitchen garden, and makes for an atmospheric and unique events space.

North London

Woodberry Wetlands – A haven for wildlife and people: 11 hectares of reed-fringed ponds and dykes. Only a five min walk from the densely built up areas of Manor House & Stoke Newington, the contrast between the surrounding tower blocks and the wild wetland habitat with old oak trees is almost unbelievable.

South London

Glengall Wharf Garden – A community garden tucked away from all the noise, based on a woodland ecosystem, Glengall Wharf is a community garden with a certain summery charm

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Campfire Club Playlist

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Folk and flames is one of those magical combinations that just makes sense, like ham and cheese, and it's why Campfire Club is such a winning formula

Time Out

"This event was phenomenal. .I can not wait until I have an opportunity to attend another one. It was well organised and the musicians were something else. I certainly didn't feel as though I was in Peckham, but some enchanted woodlands"

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Campfire Club Gallery #1

Good ol’ sing-a-longs, storytelling and music from across the land - Every fire is a unique event

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Campfire Club Gallery #2

Fireside unamplified, forest housed, city centered, rebellious, ancient concerts lit by love

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