Campfire Club | Derek Gripper

7pm to 10.30pm @ Campfire Club -- Secret Location (Bow)

£12 online or £12 on the door

Campfire Club Unamplified



A concert like no other… unamplified, outdoors and round a fire; surely this is the only way to really hear music.

Since the dawn of song, by the flickering embers and starry skies all walks of man and woman have gathered in song and celebration, to tell the stories and while away an evening. This is how it was, and at London’s Campfire Club, how it still is; acoustic, intimate. Every Friday from late spring right through to autumn we indulge you in the specially sourced talents of local and itinerant musicians from all over the world, nestled in several secret secluded leafy pockets of inner city London. Bringing the Nest Collective’s finest choices of artistry from the realms of folk, traditional and world music right through to contemporary song makers. Those that find it know something very magical is being felt and heard.

>> 15th June – Campfire Club <<

Derek Gripper

“One of the best recent guitar albums is a solo album called One Night on Earth, by South African Derek Gripper.” Songlines Magazine.

For over ten years Derek Gripper has produced some of South Africa’s most extraordinary works by fusing the country’s disparate creative traditions with styles throughout the world. His music draws on European classical traditions, avant-garde Brazilian works, Malian kora works, Cape Town’s folk styles such as ghoema and vastrap, and even Indian classical music, all the while synthesizing them into a style uniquely his own.

Derek Gripper offers an extraordinary voice in post-apartheid South African cultural landscape, one that demonstrates the country’s new musical confidence in forging fresh paths though cross-genre, cross-generational and cross-cultural collaborations.

Libraries On Fire, a collection of kora compositions, is the latest album from this incredible musician, whose passion and attention to detail have earned him widespread acclaim the world over.

“I’m amazed at how Derek has spent his life honing the kora and mimicking it on guitar – fascinating stuff whose by product is a record of beauty.” Cerys Matthews

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Derek Gripper

Venue Info:
Campfire Club — Secret Location (Bow)

Campfire Club -- Secret Location (Bow)

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