Campfire Club Fridays | Haymanot Tesfa & Ansuman Biswas

7.30pm to 11pm @ Campfire Club -- Secret Location (Bow)

£10 online

Campfire Club Unamplified

Every Friday from May to September

A concert like no other… unamplified, outdoors and round a fire; surely this is the only way to really hear music.

Since the dawn of song, by the flickering embers and starry skies all walks of man and woman have gathered in song and celebration, to tell the stories and while away an evening. This is how it was, and at London’s Campfire Club, how it still is; acoustic, intimate. Every Friday from late spring right through to autumn we indulge you in the specially sourced talents of local and itinerant musicians from all over the world, nestled in several secret secluded leafy pockets of inner city London. Bringing the Nest Collective’s finest choices of artistry from the realms of folk, traditional and world music right through to contemporary song makers. Those that find it know something very magical is being felt and heard.

Keeping the campfire alive will be Nest Collective hosts and live music from some very special guests. Season’s acts include:

Rachel Sermani | Samana | Kaia Kater | Piers Faccini | Bush Gothic | Kentucky Cowtippers | TEYR | Leon Rosselson | L’Hijaz Carr | Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow | Kusanganisa AND MORE TBA


**Please Note: The concerts are all outside and all weather affairs thus full waterproofs are highly recommended and warm clothes. A full bar will be stocked with home-made wines, ciders, ales and the odd drop of mead too!

>> 11th Aug – Campfire Club <<

Line up:

Haymanot Tesfa

Amharic singer & traditional krar player Haymanot Tesfa was born & raised in Ethiopia and now lives in England, and is emerging as a rising star on the world music scene. Although her music is inspired by deep reflection on the dramatic ancient landscapes and meditative social & religious music of her Ethiopian roots, the sound of Haymanot’s voice is t he true song of a free spirit, fearless and intensely experimental

Singing in the Amharic language and at times accompanied by the oud and kawala flute amongst a plethora of other instruments through her catalogue of tracks, Haymanot creates a journey of beautifully layered soundscapes.

Haymanot is a multi-talented artist who is equally prolific as a fine painter and photographer


Ansuman Biswas

Haymanot will be joined by percussionist (tabla, hang, percussions, voice) Ansuman Biswas – A Kolkata-born percussionist in world music hybrid quartet Newanderthal (‘four humans, three continents’), Ansuman says ‘music spreads throughout the environment like a perfume.. it soaks into the fabric of other things and people’


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Ansuman Biswas

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Campfire Club

Venue Info:
Campfire Club — Secret Location (Bow)

Campfire Club -- Secret Location (Bow)

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