Kings Of The South Seas | ‘Franklin’ Album Launch

7pm to 11pm @ Cutty Sark

£14.00 online or £15.00 on the door

Nest Collective Presents

The Cutty Sark is the perfect place to host the album launch show for ‘Franklin’, the second album by trio Kings of the South Seas, due for release on 2 February 2018. From Canadian Voyageur paddling songs and English folk ballads, to songs composed onboard ice-bound wintering ships and Victorian parlour pieces, the album vividly brings to life the music left by the events and cultural fallout of ill-fated British sea-faring expeditions of the 19th Century. Kings of the South Seas once again bring their unique and brooding sound to these songs, driving them into the twenty-first century while still maintaining their original and heartfelt spirit.

The British expeditions in search of the NW Passage through the North of Canada and in particular the loss of Franklin’s expedition to the ice affected many; the Navy and families who waited at home, the Inuit encountered and the British public who looked on from afar. These losses and failures left a large wealth of musical, theatrical and literary material as the nation tried to make sense of events.

“takes the listener into an oceanic heart of darkness illuminated by powerful skeletal songs from the edge of the known world” – Songlines
“dark, driven and turbulent” – The Independent
“A fantastic celebration of all things nautical and seaworthy.”  EDS Magazine
One of The Telegraph ‘Best Folk Albums of 2014’.

The band’s performance will be accompanied by films made by acclaimed documentary maker Adam Clitheroe after the evening has started with a talk about the British search for the NW Passage by Polar Archaeologist Peter Wilson.

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The Kings of The South Seas

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Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark
King William Walk
London SE10 9HT

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