Members of the Tanzania Albinism Collective & Khmer Rouge Survivors (Cambodia) together for one show only.

8PM to 11PM @ The Old Queens Head, N1 8LN

£10 online or £12 on the door

Nest Collective Presents Old Queen's Head

Featured together for one show only, Tanzania Albinism Collective and Khmer Rouge Survivors will be performing live at the Old Queens Head in Islington the 26th of July.  

Tanzania Albinism Collective 

In the summer of 2016, Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan travelled to northern Tanzania to work with members of the neglected albino community. None had previously played an instrument or written a song but 18 of them, ranging in age from 24 to 57, joined Brennan’s workshop.

They came up with a set of songs written in the local dialects of Kikirewe and Jeeta, many of them dealing with themes of loneliness, although resilience and triumph also prevail.

Khmer Rouge Survivors (Cambodia) Together for One Night Only

Led by Amnesty International activist and flautist Arn Chorn Pond, The Nest Collective is happy to present The Khmer Rouge Survivors.

As the name suggests, the project features survivors of the Pol Pot regime which claimed the lives of over one million civilians and cruelly targeted the country’s artists, musicians, and intellectuals. The Survivors’ moving debut album They Will Kill You, If You Cry was released in 2016 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the genocide and their unique South-East Asian blues promises to pack an even more emotional punch live on stage.

Khmer Rouge Survivors

Members of the Tanzania Albinism Collective

Venue Info:
The Old Queens Head, N1 8LN

The Old Queens Head,
44 Essex Rd,
N1 8LN


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