Our unamplified celebration of World Wide Roots music: 27th May 2017

UnampliFire Festival will be back for its 3rd Edition – 27th May 2017

Artists and ticket information for this event will soon be announced.

UNAMPLIFIRE #3 tickets

Join us for a celebration of everything The Nest Collective is about – amazing music from across the globe in beautiful, characterful settings.

UnampliFire festivals have featured some of the most exciting artists making folk, roots and acoustic music in the UK and beyond, from legendary guitarist/singer Martin Carthy, to the innovative new sounds of Cosmo Sheldrake.

UnampliFire brings together some the finest musicians around, with no amplification, no soundchecks, no waiting around – just pure, unadulterated music.

Past Line-ups include…..

Unamplifire #1 Tom Paley | Lisa Knapp | Bella Hardy | Emily Barker | Count Drachma | Stick in the Wheel | Olivia Chaney | Arthur Jeffes’ Sundog | Firefly Burning | Orlando Seal | SINK | The Magic Lantern | Theo Bard | Mann Castell | Brothers Gillespie | Osp | Effra | FLUX | Teyr |  Buriers | Tim Cumming | Nessi Gomes | Matan Rochlitz


Unamplifire #2 Seckou Keita | Martin Carthy | Green Gartside (of Scritti Politti) | Cosmo Sheldrake | London Bulgarian Choir | Men Diamler | The Nightjar | Ríoghnach Connolly (The Breath, Afro Celt Soundsystem) | Snufkin | Samantha Whates | Flats & Sharps | Fran Foote (Stick In The Wheel) | The Nightjar


What the audience said

“Nest Collective 10 Year Unamplifed Festival”: “Brilliant festival. Superb quality of music and really cosy great atmosphere. More!”. --- Jon Herring 

 “Nest Collective 10 Year Unamplifed Festival”: "A totally magical evening, such an amazing setting with excellent music. ".  ---Oli Dillon 

"Hats off to @samleesong - only caught 2 hrs of Unamplifire acoustic fest but saw 5 (astonishing) bands and had my soul profoundly nourished" ---@MaraCarlyle

"Wonderful music from across these isles & around the world - thanks for a fab evening @samleesong & @NestFolk" ---@imogenmathers

"Mesmerised by @OliviaChaney and her unutterably beautiful voice." -- @sammytheglaze 

"UnampliFire of The Nest Collective is beaut ... best campfire singalong too @samleesong" ---@no_commentary

"Wonderful 8 hours at #UnampliFire. Lovely to see @emilybarkerhalo + lots of new (to me) bands. Next year?" -- @retrospective

"My kind of marathon. Eight glorious hours of kaleidoscopic music in a hidden palace. Thanks @NestFolk." -- @tsokolow

What the artists said...

"Lovely dimming of the day at UnAmplifire Festival." -- Bella Hardy

"Campfires and beautiful tunes." -- Emily Barker

"Genius music everywhere! What you guys created was a staggeringly beautiful creation - Listening to all that stunning Unamplified music was overwhelmingly beautiful."  -- Orlando Seale

"Lovely Vibes" -- Theo Bard

"All these woven prayers come alive, in this waking dream... thank you so much for an amazing event... so inspiring to see all the other magical musicians... you all rock! Well done to all those that worked so hard to make this such a beautiful eening, thank you for making london htat bit more brighter xxx" -- Nessi Gomes

"Utterly mesmerising and euphoric evening celebrating #NestCollective 10 years, privilege to be there. Love and thanks @NestFolk" -- India Electric Co.

The hundreds of tunes rising from its grounds and windows during the Unamplifire Festival – many at least as old as the building itself – may be taken as a charm to ensure such London landmarks stay standing, inhabited, and cherished rather than lost to the high-rise bloat of international investment companies getting their way.

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